Computer science in the EBacc

So Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced that Computer Science will be included in the EBacc.  Now there will be four separate sciences instead of the traditional three.  Pupils who sit any three of the four separate sciences and get at least a C in two of them will get  the EBacc.   This change will have not effect on those doing the traditional three separate sciences, it is just another option.  The ‘core plus additional’ option is unchanged.

Alongside Microsoft, Google, IBM, BT and Facebook, the British Computer Society published a report in November 2012 which analysed computer science GCSE and called for it to be included in the EBacc.  The Royal Society’s 2012 report by Steve Furber also called for the inclusion of Computer Sciences in the EBacc.

Teaching Agency and National College set to merge

The Teaching Agency and National College are set to merge to create a single agency focussed on teaching and school leadership, the Department of Education announced yesterday.

According to the Department for Education:

this move is the next stage in the Government’s reform programme to raise standards in schools, with the best leaders and best teachers working together to develop a self-improving school system.

The new agency will lead on delivering school workforce reforms.  Its remit will include teacher training, continuous professional development and supporting school improvement to address underperformance in the education system and will formally come into effect at the end of March 2013.

Charlie Taylor, the current chief executive of the Teaching Agency will, with immediate effect also become the chief executive of the National College, and will lead the new agency.

This relates to England only.