Qualifications are no guarantee of quality

Why does Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted Chief Inspector,  think that the best measure of the quality of governors is their professional qualifications and how much they are paid?

No one would deny that there is a real need to improve the quality of school governance. But his statements today seem to miss the point and just rehearse old arguments.

People with specific professional backgrounds can clearly make valuable members of a governing body, but it is not helpful to place all the emphasis on those with the more obvious formal qualifications. And to do so risks ignoring or loosing the valuable contribution that can be brought by people from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Just because someone is unpaid, does not mean that they are not capable or ‘qualified’, or are going to operate at a lower standard.  Across the voluntary sector their are numerous examples of people working in and governing successful organisations at

There are numerous examples in the voluntary sector of people operating to high standards of professionalism, working in and governing organisations without receiving financial reward. The idea that unpaid work is somehow sub-standard flies in the face of what is actually going on in voluntary organisations across the country.

We want people to give their time and energy to being a governor because of a commitment to improving education, not because they will get paid for it.

Attracting qualified professionals to take roles as members of governing bodies should not become a tick-box exercise of counting letters after peoples’ names, or  seen as an alternative to the schools themselves ensuring that they employ appropriate professional advice and support.

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