The role of the Local Authority in education

Tamarind Chambers has published a report on a survey conducted amongst Headteachers and Chairs of Governors to gather their views on the role that Local Authorities should play in education.

The survey shows that schools value their increased autonomy and freedoms but recognise that, within clearly defined parameters, the Local Authority still has a role to play.

Schools White Paper, The Importance of Teaching

Briefing on the Coalition Government’s Schools White Paper, The Importance of TeachingSchools White Paper what it says TC

School Improvement

The Schools White Paper 2010 outlined proposed changes to the role of local authorities and the responsibilities of schools with regard to school improvement – see our short briefing paper

Academy Trust Governance

A briefing on academy trust governance briefing on academy trust governance for school governors considering conversion to academy status.

Local Authority Influenced Persons

An Academy must avoid becoming  subject to the influence of a local authority. To understand what this means, read our advice note.

CRB checks and governors of maintained schools

Governors of maintained schools are not legally required to have a CRB check; our briefing outlines the role of CRB checks and when they are applicable to the role of governors.

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